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Protecting Prized Pines

protecting pines in new mexico

Protecting Prized Pines

Proper irrigation is the most important step.  Deep, broad watering around the greater root zone supplies sufficient water where the absorbing roots are located.  Trees with enough water can keep their leaves open for business and have enough sugary sap to create anti-pest chemicals.  These trees “smell” different to the beetles, which then choose other trees to invade – the ones that smell like an easy meal.

Water is one-half of the soil/water system, so pay attention to the other half as well.  Disturbing soil can have a negative impact on roots in that soil, so limit that by not tilling, digging, trenching, burying or trenching soil in the trees’ root zones (which goes well beyond the branch canopy!).  Adding a cool organic mulch like arborist’s chips not only limits water loss, but also encourages growth of beneficial soil fungi.

Pine trees can be protected with certain insecticides, but those will not stop an active infestation – nothing will.  So, to keep the beetles out, consider several approaches.  Water well; thin out dense stands to reduce competition for the available water; use a systemic insecticide to kill beetles as they try to enter the tree, or use a product sprayed on the trunk (with the potential for damage to non-target critters). When using any pesticides, read the labels – not all products work against the beetles, and there are rules about how they’re applied.  Better yet, consult the professionals at Legacy Tree Company!

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