Tree trimming and pruning is a necessity in the care of your trees. Whether through the training of a young sapling, newly planted; guiding the elegant arcs and bows of your home grown fruit orchard; or managing the frightening amount of deadwood in your mature, stately stand of elms- Legacy Tree Company is equipped to prune your trees at the highest standards of our industry.

Living with trees has its benefits; It also has its costs. When pruning we keep those to a minimum. Our competitive pricing structure bears in mind the long term viability of your trees- as well as your goals and vision for your landscape. We will give you a sense for how frequently you will need to have your trees serviced to actualize that vision. Ultimately, we help to make the cost of tree maintenance something which aligns with your budget.

We utilize top of the line equipment, as well as the highest-end approaches to pruning, climbing, accessing and rigging material in and out of your tree safely.

We employ several different pruning protocols based on the condition, structure and general symptoms and characteristics exhibited by your tree. While pruning and when determining the best course forward, we assess your individual goals. We see what common ground lies between them and the reality of your tree’s current state. That is part of our job: reading the landscape (literally), as well as the specimen in question and finding a cost effective, and realistic path forward. The equation shifts based upon the historical pruning regimens the tree has withstood, the extent to which decay has established, and the predisposition of the species of tree to stress and decay.

At Legacy Tree Company, we strive to educate all of our clientele, in every stage of a project, regardless of its scope. We offer sustainable value regarding tree care. We know that not every customer will understand the long-term implications of poor trimming and/or pruning practices, so we do our upmost to explain the process with each of our clients.

We Offer a Full Spectrum of Tree Services

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We're Here to Help with All Your Tree Trimming & Pruning

Common Questions About Caring for Your Tree

Helping to ensure that your trees stay healthy and continue to play an important role in your local ecosystem.
How do I know if I need to hire tree trimming services in Albuquerque?

Tree trimming in Albuquerque is one of our most common services. Unfortunately, most trees in our area are drought-stressed, which can lead to unhealthy trees. Tree trimming provides your trees with the opportunity to thrive. If you have questions about tree trimming, just give us a call. We do provide free estimates on tree trimming and can provide care consultations for a small fee.

What do tree trimming services cost in Albuquerque?

The pricing of tree trimming services varies from job to job. So while we can’t provide you with standard pricing here, we can give you a free estimate after coming to your property and taking a look. When considering the pricing, remember that tree trimming is an investment in our urban forest, and also, you get what you pay for. At Legacy Tree Company, the safety of our employees is the highest priority, and we never cut corners that would affect their safety.

Do you have an arborist on staff?

Yes, Legacy Tree Company is the only tree service in Albuquerque to have two ISA-certified arborists on staff. We take safety very seriously, and we never cut corners like some tree service businesses do. Our team’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we are licensed and insured to protect everyone involved.

Do my trees need maintenance care?

As an Albuquerque arborist, our competitive pricing structure bears in mind the long-term viability of your trees, as well as your goals and vision for your landscape. We will give you a sense of how frequently you will need to have your trees serviced to actualize that vision. Ultimately, we help make the cost of tree maintenance something that aligns with your budget.

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