Tree selection and tree planting are such joyful tasks, but not always so easy to do. The correct tree type for the environment and soil conditions must be chosen and then the work begins! At Legacy Tree Company, we look forward to helping you with these tasks!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.” Have you ever heard anyone tell you that? Well it is a pretty annoying thing to hear someone say as you recognize the need to have your tree removed. A bare landscape can be a “fresh start” or a major bummer. Better would be a landscape wiped clean of a dangerous tree, that was preemptively addressed five years ago with the planting multiple thriving saplings.

How does one assess that situation? By hiring us at Legacy Tree Company in Albuquerque! We can help advise in the viability of your landscape and help you craft a vision for your property that is realistic and feasible. Sometimes planting a tree is a nice way to insure the health of your landscape when the lifespan of your current stand of trees is in question or is uncertain. We can offset and lower that risk with a living green “insurance plan”. They say “measure twice, cut once” in woodworking. The equivalent to tree work would be that while one can always remove or thin a stand of trees, there are tremendous limitations surrounding transplanting one.

Healthy trees start with proper tree selection at the nursery. When trees are allowed to sit too long as inventory in the nursery, they develop girdling, faulty root systems. We are trained to recognize this. Additionally, root pruning prior to planting is a standard at our company. This helps to reduce the risk of an encircling root system that will cut your tree’s life short and hamper its ability to thrive and express its potential.

We stand by ISAs Best Management Practice standards as a guide for all our planting: planting at grade, selecting the right tree for the right location. We will guide you in irrigating your tree over the course of the next year to help get the root system established. We can also help in subsequent years as the watering needs of your tree invariably change.

Watering a tree newly planted can be as straightforward as keeping a houseplant health. Often it is not. Assessing drainage, soil composition and the disposition of a species to our climate and zone must all be taken into account. In the same vein, irrigation must be conducted as the season persists in a way that promotes lateral root growth. This growth anchors the tree and secures a healthy and sustainable root architecture. Eventually, industry-standard deep watering practices can be implemented to maintain the health and life cycle of the tree. We will walk you through this process to that end, to ensure your investment is protected.

We Offer a Full Spectrum of Tree Services

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We're Here to Help You Select and Plant Your Trees

Common Questions About Caring for Your Tree

Helping to ensure that your trees stay healthy and continue to play an important role in your local ecosystem.
What are the benefits of hiring a professional tree care service?

s an Albuquerque tree service, we can share several benefits. To begin, trimming or removing a tree can be very dangerous. Even among professionals, death and injury are a real risk. That’s why we have two ISA-certified arborists on our team, and we never cut corners regarding safety training or the services we provide.

We’re also highly educated in our field and are constantly pursuing continued education opportunities so we can provide our clients with the highest level of care for their trees. Our urban forest is our main priority.

How can you help me select the right trees for my property?

As an Albuquerque arborist, we help clients select trees and then help them plant them all the time! Tree selection and tree planting are such joyful tasks, but not always so easy to do. The correct tree type for the environment and soil conditions must be chosen, and then the work begins! At Legacy Tree Company, we look forward to helping you with these tasks! We’ll talk with you about your goals and visions for your landscape and then go from there.

Can you help us select plants, and then we plant them ourselves?

Yes, as an Albuquerque tree service, we take our role in caring for our urban forest very seriously. And we also respect your budget and know that if you are able to plant your own trees there is no reason why you shouldn’t. We’d love to consult with you about irrigation since most trees in Albuquerque are drought-stressed, so please let us know if you have any questions about irrigation and watering as well.

Do you have an arborist on staff?

Yes, Legacy Tree Company is the only tree service in Albuquerque to have two ISA-certified arborists on staff. We take safety very seriously, and we never cut corners like some tree service businesses do. Our team’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we are licensed and insured to protect everyone involved.

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