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Red Push Pistache

red push tree albuquerque nm

Red Push Pistache

The tree genus Pistacia has over a dozen species, including the edible pistachio (Pistacia vera).  Chinese pistache (P. chinensis) has long been used in our area smell, with high tolerance for our tough conditions.  It now has a cousin in town adding a little more diversity to the plant palette.  Enter ‘Red Push’ pistache (Pistacia × ‘Red Push’).

The ‘Red Push’ selection is a hybrid between two other pistachio species (P. atlantica and P. integerrima) and has long been used as a root stock for grafted edible pistachio orchard trees.  However, it well deserves a place of its own in our yards and parks due to its reliable and attractive nature.

Sporting great color at the start and end of the season, ‘Red Push’ is named for the red color of newly emerging stems and leaves in the spring.  These then turn green during the growing season, ending the fall with a show of color in the yellow to orange to red range.

Because the tree is a hybrid, and a named variety, they are all produced clonally and are all genetically identical.  The tree is a sterile male selection and will not run the risk of becoming invasive.  It is hardy in USDA zones 7 – 10, tolerating both cold and heat, and grows at a moderate pace to become a long-lived shade tree with a broad, spreading crown.

Let us plant one of these wonderful trees in your yard!

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