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Should I Fertilize My Trees?

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Should I Fertilize My Trees?

In many landscapes, trees will not need to be fertilized.  If there is a good woodchip mulch slowly decaying on the soil surface over the roots, the tree will get what it needs from that natural process.  Trees are not sprinters, they are marathoners, and they don’t benefit from being overloaded with chemical nutrients.  Over-fertilized trees may outgrow their available water and will grow high-nitrogen/low-defense tissue that is very attractive to scale and aphid insects.

Our native soil usually has sufficient phosphorus and potassium to sustain long-term tree growth.  Nitrogen is more mobile and volatile in the soil, so fortunately trees are not heavy nitrogen users.  Occasionally, we see micronutrient deficiencies showing up as yellowing leaves (see picture to right).  When properly diagnosed, that condition can often be controlled with annual early-season application of a chelated micronutrient product (we recommend EDDHA micronutrient products specifically). 

Trees in dry rock-mulched xeriscapes, especially non-xeric trees, will benefit from regular application of dilute nutrients in a high volume of water, injected into the root zone.  This benefits the trees in two ways – lots more water and access to needed nutrients, especially the minor and micronutrients that are needed in small amounts but are absolutely needed.  We are happy to offer this service – we love helping clients grow healthy trees! 

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