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Don’t Forget to Irrigate!

Warm weather returning means short sleeves and pants, barbeques, veggie gardens…and irrigating our trees. Even trees native to our general region need some regular watering, and those from less xeric areas will need more. Don’t forget your leafy friends, lest they leaf all the less!

As each tree in each landscape site is unique, there are no completely uniform guidelines to irrigating. There are some good general guidelines to follow, however. The main variables are the age/size of the tree, the type of irrigation system, and the landscape surface type. For instance, newly planted young trees should be watered every few days, as if they were still in the nursery store in a pot. That water should cover the existing root and (very importantly) cover soil outside the existing roots, so that there is moist soil to grow into.

Established trees will need regular spring irrigation to supply the needs of growing shoots and leaves. This may be once or twice a week and should moisten the soil to a depth of 18-24 inches. Water should be entering the soil across a broad area under the canopy, dry right at the trunk but extending to or beyond the edge of the branches.

Legacy Tree Company is happy to work with you to ensure your trees receive the right amount of water, in the right place, on the right schedule. We can remove rock mulch, improve irrigation, and add organic mulch to really make those roots happy. Happy roots equals happy tree!

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