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Trees, Electricity & Winter Care

Trees and electricity go together like…well, on one hand like Christmas lights brightly shining through the green foliage of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree; on the other hand, like a lightning bolt shattering a mighty pine into a million toothpicks.  In between is the most dangerous part of tree care work – working around power lines.

Please – leave pruning near power lines to trained professionals (like Legacy Tree Company staff!).  Too many homeowners come out on the bad end of a power line + tree interaction.  Electricity is tricky stuff, it loves to jump from conductor to conductor in its rush to ground.  Tree branches, pruning tools, ladders and people – all make good pathways for this grounding.  Don’t be a statistic – stay away from power lines in trees!

On the first hand…there is nothing an arborist loves so much as a beautiful Christmas tree, complete with lovely lights (speaking for myself at least!).  Get all festive on that tree in the living room.  If you have a large conifer outside, consider hiring us to deck it out for you – we have the equipment to safely get up high in the canopy. Winter is considered to be a great time to prune Evergreen trees. Christmas lights, pruning, pest & disease management? We’ve got you covered. We are always trying to provide the best Albuquerque tree service!