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What is an Arborist?

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Trees, especially when they are in an urban area, require care. Whether by nature, or people, these trees need special attention. Much like a pet, humans need to take care of their trees. That is what an arborist is for: to care for the health and wellbeing of the entire plant. In other words, a doctor for your trees, shrubs, and vines.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists provide the care to ensure trees remain healthy, get all of their nutrients, and manage their well-being. While trees provide countless benefits for their community, if left unchecked a tree can also cause damage by growing into a powerline or falling over. 

Tree Trimming and pruning are important for the health of your tree. This can be done to guide or train a young tree. It can also be done to maintain a tree to keep it healthy and safe.

Tree Removal is the most difficult task for an arborist. There are circumstances that require removing a living, dead, or dying tree. This can mean the removal of hundreds of pounds of branches or the entire tree and requires properly trained arborists.

Tree Risk Assessment for your property and creating a plan for future care is an important service of any arborist. Trees have incredible benefits for a property owner but need to be properly maintained in order to provide those benefits and not become a risk themselves. 

Tree Cabling/Bracing can help to maintain the structure of your trees. Whether setting up a sapling for success or providing stability to an older tree, cabling and bracing need to be thought out, planning for the growth of the tree in the decades to come.

Tree Selection and Planting are an arborist’s cheerful tasks but can take a great deal of planning and foresight. Careful consideration of the soil conditions and environment is needed before choosing the right tree for an area. An arborist can help plan a beautiful landscape, and select the right sapling at the nursery.

Tree Health Consultation can help in protecting your assets and investments. Assessing the current situation and creating a plan for the future of your landscape is incredibly important and made easier with modern tools like a Tree Planting Bar.

Urban Forestry is an important aspect of urban planning. Trees are an asset to your community and provide many benefits to the people in the surrounding area. Choosing the right trees for an area, considering the use and environmental factors, takes an experienced arborist

Emergency Tree Services are to take care of a sudden change in your trees. Whether the weather has caused your tree to fall, or your tree is in a precarious position, an arborist can help in a safe way. An arborist can help you decide if it is possible to save your tree, or if it is time to replant.

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