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Plant Well Plant Once

young tree with roots

Plant Well, Plant Once

Planting day is one of the most important days in the life of an urban tree.  Done well, the tree thrives for many decades and is a source of joy.  Done poorly, the tree struggles and usually dies well before it should have.  Planting trees well is not hard, it’s just easier to do it poorly.  Start with a root system that is NOT already tied up in knots.

Don’t plant too deep – the root crown should be at the soil surface when planting is done. The base of the tree should flare out like the bottom of a vase, not enter the ground straight and parallel the like the bottom of flag pole.  Planting too deep slows growth, and if combined with poor irrigation can lead to the growth of stem girdling roots which can choke the tree to death before it is even fully mature.  Know that roots like to grow kind of shallow, so don’t start them off already deeper than they need to be.

Make sure to loosen (de-compact) the soil around the planting hole in a wide area so that roots can explore for resources.  Wide roots also mean a more stable tree.  Urban soils are often hard for roots to grow through, so help them out a bit.  Add irrigation and mulch and the tree should be ready to grow.  Just know that the irrigation needs to grow as the tree does, and the mulch should, too.  Take the guess work out of all this, and give Legacy Tree Company a call.  We love to plant trees!

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