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think trees conference

Employee Training: Think Trees Conference

Tree care industry professionals in Albuquerque love this time of year.  Just last month we were graced with an annual industry conference of the highest caliber.  Think Trees Urban Tree Care Conference is hosted annually by a local non-profit organization named Think Trees New Mexico.  The all-volunteer Board of Directors plans and pulls off this two-day event every winter for the last three and a half decades. The conference is the Southwest’s contribution to the wider world of urban forestry and Albuquerque is its proud home.

Prominent educators, researchers and practitioners happily accept the invitation to come and speak, and industry professionals such as Certified Arborists and Landscape Architects receive required CEU credit towards their annual required education.  Smart industries stay smart by continuing to learn and teach!

Legacy Tree Company sends our employees to this training to continue to lead the way in providing great service to our customers by providing great care for their trees!  We are also a sponsor of the conference and have company staff on the Think Trees New Mexico Board of Directors.  

Does your tree care professional keep up to date with the latest skills, knowledge and technology in our quickly evolving industry?  Ask them how they do so – Think Trees Urban Tree Care Conference should be high on their list!

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