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When to Consider Tree Removal

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It is not always easy to be able to tell when a tree will go into decline. A tree can be fine one year and begin to decline the next. Much of a tree is composed of dead tissue, which means trees are constantly fighting off decay. Cutting a tree down can be done when it is the best option for the tree and property. It is the last option an arborist will consider. Here is a guide for when to consider tree removal.

Encroaching Roots

One of the reasons you may need to remove a tree is the roots encroaching on your home’s foundation or driveway. This can cause structural issues, or even break up your driveway. If the roots will cause damage to your home, call an arborist to help discuss your options and see if you must remove the tree.

The Health of the Tree

It is recommended that if a tree is 50% damaged, it should be removed. Even when a tree is in decline, it may be able to continue for several years with proper help. With the proper care, many damaged trees can fully recover, but if there is severe damage to the trunk, it will need to be removed. If 25% or less of the trunk is damaged, it will most often be able to recover.

Is Your Tree Leaning? 

If a tree begins to lean, it can be a hazard. A sudden lean can be the result of some sudden damage, but a gradual lean may be changed if you can create a care plan with an arborist. Any tree that is uneven can be dangerous. If branches have been damaged all on one side of the tree, it can continue to grow unevenly and can be a safety concern.

Power Lines

If you plan on planting a tree under a powerline, you need to plan for its mature height. If a tree’s foliage is touching a power line, it can cause property damage or a power outage. If a tree is under powerlines and growing too tall, it may need to be removed, or at a bare minimum will need to be pruned and have its branches thinned. Be sure to have a professional handle any tree removal near powerlines, as it can be extremely dangerous. 

Does it Have Enough Space?

Trees in nature can often grow extremely close together. However, you do not want to plant a tree too close to your home. Having trees too close to your home can be a hazard. A small tree can be planted within 6-10 feet of a home, but larger tree species need to be at least 20 feet away. Make sure not to plan for the size of the tree when planted, but for the size to which the tree will mature. Arborists can help you create a plan for the trees you’d like to plant, making sure your trees will grow and improve your property for years to come.

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