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Why The World Needs Its Trees

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Over the course of human civilization, we have cleared approximately 46% of the earth’s trees. Can you imagine a world with twice the number of trees we have now? That would be a beautiful sight. Trees are more than just our surroundings and have serious benefits around the globe. So, let’s talk about why we need them.

The Air We Breathe

The first answer everyone thinks of when they think of the importance of trees is the air we breathe. Trees help to filter out pollution and increase the amount of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere. What do people need to breathe? Oxygen and less pollution, up to one-third of the annual emissions each year. The more trees we have, the better the air we will breathe. Next time you take a deep breath, thank a tree.


Almost a quarter of the medicine we have comes from trees found in rainforests. We usually think of the many plants in the rainforest that give us medicine, but trees are actually a large contributor to this. This doesn’t include the number of pharmaceuticals that come from species living in forested areas that are protected by the tree cover. 

Cool Down the City

Trees are responsible for the temperature in our cities. The more trees we have giving us shade, the cooler we are. Seems fairly obvious, but the numbers are shocking. The shade from trees can actually drop temperatures by 20-45 degrees. That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “cool off in the shade”.

Filter Our Water

Trees naturally filter harmful chemicals and pollution not just from our air, but also our water. Harmful chemicals and pollutants can end up in our water, and the roots of the trees filter that for us. 180 million people in the United States rely on trees in order to have clean drinking water. 

Reduce Stress

Trees have a calming effect on people. Japan has been researching and investing in forest therapy since the 1990s. Called “forest bathing”, studies have shown that time spent in forests has an effect on both our mental and physical health. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower stress hormones, lower heart rates, and even help people get a better night’s rest.

Battle Climate Change

Trees create oxygen by consuming carbon dioxide. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the proper planting and management of trees can reduce global emissions by up to 37% on top of what trees are already doing. This will help heal our planet and prevent some of the more serious consequences of climate change. 

Prevents Flooding

Trees can actually prevent dangerous floods. Water has a difficult time moving through soil that has tree roots, so it slows down the movement of water. Tree roots also take in water in order to hydrate the tree. Leaves also stop some of the rainfall before the water has a chance to touch the ground, and the water will evaporate right off of the leaves.

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