Urban Forestry

Benefits of a Healthy Urban Forest

Top 5 Benefits of Healthy Urban Forests

As the largest plants on earth, trees provide us with much of our life-sustaining oxygen. When grouped in healthy urban forests, trees add enormous value to those living both near and far. Not only do urban forests mitigate heat stress and conserve water, but they also provide areas for healthy physical activity and much-needed respite from city noise and compromised air quality.

The world’s population continues to multiply, placing increasing stress on natural areas. Add in the climate changes we’re experiencing, and now more than ever, trees and urban forests are essential components of liveable and sustainable communities.

What Are Urban Forests?

The term ‘urban forest’ describes urban parks such as New York City’s Central Park, groups of trees that line streets, and conservation areas. Urban forests are both those ecosystems that remain after urbanization and those planned by the municipality or community.

Top Benefits of Healthy Urban Forests

In an arid state like New Mexico, trees and urban forests are even more vital than in areas with more moisture. Healthy urban forests can provide the following essential benefits to communities.

1. Lowered Urban Temperatures
Optimal placement of urban trees can cool the surrounding air through shade and evapotranspiration — the transfer of water into the atmosphere through evaporation from trees — increasing human comfort. Based on future climate projections, investment in improving communities’ resilience to extreme heat could be a good investment.

2. Reduced Air Pollution
Trees in urban forests are excellent at filtering and trapping air pollutants like dust, pollen, ash, and smoke from the air — all lung-damaging elements.

3. Improved Soil and Water Conservation
Urban forests help to significantly slow stormwater movement, reducing runoff volume, soil erosion, and flooding. Trees physically alter rainfall paths and replenish groundwater.

4. Carbon Capture and Energy Conservation
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe during the process of photosynthesis. Optimally placed near buildings, trees can reduce air conditioning by 30% and save heating energy by 20–50%.

5. Natural Settings for Urban Dwellers and Wildlife
Spending time in urban forests can improve your physical and mental health by increasing your energy levels and decreasing your stress. Urban forests provide shelter and food to wildlife and plants and increase urban biodiversity.

When you think of a professional tree services company, you don’t necessarily assume their focus will be on educating their community about local urban forest possibilities and care — also known as urban forestry. One company that values urban forests is Albuquerque, New Mexico’s own Legacy Tree Company. To further community education, they also host a youth-mentoring arborist-apprenticeship program that develops and promotes stewardship in the community’s youth.

Legacy Tree Company is a tree service company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that is raising the standard for innovative, ethical tree care. Its mission is to sustain the Albuquerque urban forest for generations with services like tree trimming & pruning, tree & stump removal, tree bracing & cabling, tree planting, consultations, and tree irrigation. Click here to contact us via our online form, or give us a call at (505) 312-8865.

Legacy Tree Company
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