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What To Do With Extra Fruit

fruit tree trimming new Mexico apples

What To Do With Extra Fruit

In a good year, the fruit trees in your yard may produce way more than you can deal with yourself.  What to do with all that delicious excess?  Consider donating that surplus bounty with a local gleaning non-profit.  These volunteer run organizations collect fresh extra produce, including fruit, from local gardens and small farms and then donates that healthy food to local agencies providing food assistance to folks in need.

It’s really helpful for these organizations if you can pick the fruit ahead of time and deliver it, but sometimes they can also organize a harvest event.  Lead time is important, and of course – don’t give away stuff that’s gone bad!

Two local organizations to contact are: Food is Free Albuquerque ( and in the Corrales/North Valley area, Seed2Need (  Both organizations would love donations, and even more some volunteer time! Contact us to find out why we are considered the best tree service in Albuquerque.